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Our restaurant type is here to give you the best memories with amazing dishes. We take care of your culinary needs at all times. You can enjoy various delicacies here as we have the best of Chinese dishes. Our signature dishes include Top China Fried Rice, Roast Duck Cantonese Style, King Prawn in Oyster Sauce and Chicken in Lemon Sauce. These among other dishes are offered via our many different stylish menus. We have the finest selection of Vegetable Dishes for those who love such a selection. The Stir Fried Mushrooms, Stir Fried Bean Sprouts and Chinese Green Vegetables in Oyster Sauce among other dishes will impress you. We also have some amazing Malaysian Dishes and Thai Dishes. Taste the varied flavours by trying the Malaysian Chicken Curry, Lamb Thai Style and Thai Style Lamb Curry as well as several other delicious options. We also have a special Garlic Dishes menu. From Duck, Pork, Beef, Lamb and other dishes; the garlic meals will introduce you to an exciting world of flavour. There are also several Set Meals, Desserts, Drinks, Extra Portions and so much more. Welcome and explore the menu to see it all.

About Top China Plymouth

Top China offers you an experience like no other. Picture the best style of dishes you can find in town. Amazing aromas, appealing colours, and great sides to accompany them. You can find all these and so much more at our great restaurant. In addition to that, all the great drinks are here to allow you to get the full culinary experience. We also have much more than good dishes. The sheer excellence of the service and the awesome ambience at our restaurant will excite you. We take pride in our excellently-curated list of dishes that includes all the best from China. We have even managed to include some favourites from other Asian countries as well. In overall, you will enjoy the experience whether you are a lover of exotic dishes or you are just trying Chinese food for the first time. Top China is where good food meets great services. We are passionate about delivering the best to our customers. The menu is divided into speciality dishes, meal deals, and various other categories for easy accessibility to all. Join us today for an epic food adventure which you will be glad to try time and again. 

Restaurant location Top China Plymouth

We are located at 29 Percy Terrace, Plymouth, PL4 7HG area. Feast on the best Chinese takeaway and enjoy a memorable service. We are the finest restaurant in the city and our excellent service is consistent. The serenity at our premises will also pull you in. We are always committed to keeping our customers close to us. You can explore our restaurant by downloading our mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play. Top China is a restaurant that prides itself as a top-tier establishment and a trendsetter. Order from us today and enjoy the best food and services in town.

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